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Weight Training Bar 28 mm 1.20 m

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Squats, deadlifts, or rowing - you can perform a wide range of weight training exercises with this easy-to-store 1.20 m barbell.



Steel bar. Maximum load: 160 kg

Muscular workout

Build muscle: -Biceps -Triceps -Pecs -Back


Knurled handles for better grip.


Dimensions of the 1.20 m weight training bar

- Length: 1.20 m

- Diameter: 28 mm

- Weight: 6 kg

- Max load: 160 kg

- Load length: 23.5 cm per side

- Inner length: 70 cm

Why choose this 1.20 m weight training bar?

The 1.20 m bar is perfect if you have a small workout space and are looking for a lightweight, compact bar. It allows you to perform a wide range of exercises for toning or building muscle mass.

It can also be used for more "functional" workouts such as Body Pump-style home workouts, for example.

What weights are suited to this 1.20 m bar?

On this 1.20 m bar, you can use 28 mm weights such as:

Our cast iron weights:

- 0.5 to 20 kg

Our rubber coated weights:

- 1.25 kg (ref: 8388222)

- 2.5 kg (ref: 8388695)

- 5 kg (ref: 8388696)

- 10 kg (ref: 8388223)

- 20 kg (ref: 8388237)

Remember to always secure your weights with disc collars such as the 28 mm Smart Disc Collar (ref: 8574652).

Store your 1.20 m weight training bar correctly to enjoy it for longer

This steel weight training bar does not like moisture! Do not store it outdoors or in a damp place (such as a cellar).

To clean it after your workout, you can wipe it with a damp cloth.

For the most part, our weight training racks are equipped with a bar support where you can store it. If you don't have a weight training rack, we've designed a storage rack (ref: 8788246) where you can easily store your bars and weights.

Tips from our coach on using the 1.20 m bar

Toning the legs and glutes with the 1.20 m bar:

- Lunges with bar 4x10-15 reps per leg

- Squats with bar 3x10-15 reps

Back strengthening with the 1.20 m bar:

- Bent over row 3x12-15 reps

For each exercise, start with the lower number of reps with a 2 rep margin, then increase by one rep per week until you reach the higher number, then increase your weight and start again with the lower number.



Bar: 100.0% Steel

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Do not store in a damp place or outdoors to avoid corrosion.

Restrictions on use

FOR HOME USE ONLY.Maximum load 160 kg.



2 Years