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Warranty duration

Decathlon offers a standard 2 years warranty period on all of its products (except perishable goods such as food and beverages). Some products may have an extended warranty, such as the bicycle frame for which Decathlon offers a 10 years warranty period. You can consult each product's desciptions to know about its warranty period

Warranty covers

1. Any defect associated with materials or product manufacture recognized by the Decathlon customer service department.
2. Replacement of defective parts with compatible components of equivalent functionality and performance.

Warranty duration

1. Some of our products are covered by a two-year guarantee from the date of purchase (indicated on the purchase receipt).

Warranty is valid

1. Where the damage to the product is not due to a violent collision nor to an improper use not foreseen by the manufacturer.
2. When the product is used in accordance with instructions and is maintained at regular intervals.

Warranty is not covered

1. When damage is caused by a third party's fault or as a result of deceit or fraud.
2. When damage is caused by use which is inconsistent with the manufacturer's instructions, inappropriate storage or operation, lack of proper maintenance, accident, negligence on your part or by third parties.
3. When damage is caused by normal wear and tear.
4. Products undergoing alterations not provided for in the manufacturer's instructions.
5. Failure to install, operate or use the products in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, specifications or terms notified to the customer by Decathlon or any modification or repair performed by the customer or a third party not authorized by Decathlon.
6. The Decathlon warranty covers only genuine parts and accessories.
7. Damage or damage caused by fire, lightning, storm, vandalism or unsafe transportation.