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Shipping of bulky/ oversized goods

Service description

Most of our products have been designed and packed in a way that allows you to carry and transport them easily by yourself. However, for some extremely voluminous or heavy products*, Decathlon along with its transport partners, takes over the delivery of such products at your place with an extra charge. Important clarification: All articles are delivered to the ground floor / entrance of the customer’s residence. The transport company has no obligation to transport the article anywhere else apart from this point. The customer is obliged to pick up the article from the delivery area and then move it to their preferred destination by using their own means.
*It is emphasized that the service is provided only for very bulky or heavy products (eg. table tennis tables, treadmills, big amount of weights/ weights above … kilos)
The service is provided after contacting our store. It concerns products that are being purchased within our store or click and collect service which contain bulky and voluminous products that cannot be transported by our regular courier service (check above).

Delivery Estimate

The estimated delivery time is determined after communication with our store. The time of delivery of each order is defined unilaterally by the / our company. Partial delivery of any order is not possible. Deliveries take place between Monday and Friday.


The price is defined by the volume of the article. Articles whose volume is up to 1 CBM (Cubic meters) have a transportation cost ranging from 13 to 35 euros. For articles whose volume exceeds the limit of 1CBM (cubic meters), the price is calculated and defined by the store.
Pay on delivery is excluded as a payment method. The customer has the following payment options. Either paying directly in our store during the purchase, or by use of bank transfer.

Shipping availability

All deliveries are taking place within the Attica zone.
Exceptions : The company is entitled to reject any order coming from outside of the Attica zone. Deliveries to places situated outside of the zone of Attica can be accepted only under special circumstances, when it concerns big volume orders. The pricing for these orders is different than the aforementioned. If you are interested in an order of this kind, please contact our store.


If the customer wishes to return an order after it has been delivered to the declared address, the company does not commit to return the cost for the transportation of the initial order, nor to undertake the process of its return back to the store.

Damaged item on arrival / Product Defect

In case of damage caused during the delivery of the order, the customer is requested to contact us immediately (within 24 hours) by sending an email to [email protected]. In such cases, it is highly recommended that the customer immediately contacts our company right after the receiving of the order, as well as having photos of the damage. This will help to assess the damage and provide necessary action if needed. Any late contact with our company, makes the justification of the real damage of the product difficult and therefore, reduces the chances of any possible refund demand.
In case of a manufacturing defect, the customer is advised to send an email to [email protected] within the warranty period. The company is not liable for any damage caused by wrong assembly or inappropriate usage of the product.
In the aforementioned cases, when the defect is linked to the company, Decathlon will reimburse the customer or substitute the product, according to each case. Decathlon will also take charge of the transportation of the product back to the store. However, the company reserves the right not to provide substitution of the product and to propose a discount indexed on the initial price of it or full refund, after reaching an agreement with the customer.


When delivered, the products are not assembled. Decathlon does not take responsibility for the assembly of any product, neither at your place nor in our store. For any guidance you might need, please contact the store of purchase. Decathlon does not take responsibility for any damages caused by mistakes during the assembly of the product