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Weight Training Bar 35 cm 28 mm

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This 35 cm long, 28 mm diameter weight training bar, is very resistant. The proof? We guarantee it for 2 years!



Steel bar. Warranty: 5 years.

Muscular workout

Build muscle: - Biceps - Triceps - Deltoids - Pecs


Knurled handles for better grip.


Dimensions of the 35 cm weight training bar

- Length: 35 cm

- Diameter: 28 mm

- Handle length: 12.5 cm

- Length for putting weights: 11.25 cm

- Weight of bar: 1.8 kg

- Maximum load on bar: 60 kg

The little extra! If you equip this bar with a Smart Disc Collar (ref.: 8574652), the maximum weight in vertical position is limited to 15 kg (the maximum resistance of the disc collar).

Which weights can you use with this bar?

This weight training bar is compatible with all 28 mm weight discs.

Cast iron weights:

- The whole range (ref.: 1042303)

Rubber coated weights:

- 1.25 kg (ref: 8388222)

- 2.5 kg (ref: 8388695)

- 5 kg (ref: 8388696)

- 10 kg (ref: 8388223)

- 20 kg (ref: 8388237)

How to store your weight training bar

After your session, you can wipe your bar with a damp cloth to remove the sweat from it, then store it in a dry place - moisture is the worst thing for your bar.

If you have space, you can get a storage rack (ref.: 8788246) and store your bars and weights on it.

What exercises can you do with a weight training bar?

- Legs: squat (neck or collarbone bar), Romanian deadlift, good morning

- Back: traditional or sumo deadlift, all variations of rowing (pronation and supination)

- Pectorals: all bench press variations (flat, inclined, decline)

- Shoulders: military press and chin-up rowing

- Triceps: bar to forehead, triceps behind head to bar

- Biceps: bar curl (pronation or supination), etc.

Our trainer has concocted a muscle gain programme with this 35 cm bar

Increase your muscle mass:

- Pectorals:

Barbell incline press, 4 ×10 repetitions

Barbell lunge, 3 ×12 repetitions

- Shoulders:

Barbell military press, 3 ×10 repetitions

- Biceps:

Barbell curl, hammer grip, 3 ×12 repetitions

For each exercise, start at the low repetition range and increase by one repetition per week until you reach the high range, then increase the weight starting from the low range and so on!

Our trainer offers you a muscle toning programme with this 35 cm bar

Toning: - Legs/glutes:

Barbell lunges, 3 ×12-15 repetitions/leg

- Shoulders:

Side elevation, 3 ×15-20 repetitions

- Triceps:

Barbell overhead triceps extension, 3 ×15-20 repetitions

Always keep a scope of 2 repetitions and increase the number of repetitions as you go along. Once you've completed all the repetitions without difficulty, it's time to increase the load and start again with the minimum number of repetitions!



Frame: 100.0% Steel

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Do not store in a damp place or outdoors to avoid corrosion.

Restrictions on use

Home use. Max load: 60kg



5 Years