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Women's Open Water Swimming Neoprene Wetsuit OWS 4/2 mm

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Our design teams have developed this open-water swimming wetsuit for swimmers who are looking for a good thermal comfort.


Easy dressing

Take the wetsuit off easily thanks to the neoprene’s softness

Freedom of movement

Turn your shoulders freely thanks to the 2 mm neoprene on the arms

Glide performance

Easily glide in the water while swimming thanks to Glide-Skin neoprene


Recommendations for use

To avoid chafing around the neck and other areas, apply Vaseline or a mixture of 50% Vaseline and 50% lanolin.

Fitting advice

The Glide-Skin component used in this wetsuit is very flexible and stretchy, but also more fragile. When putting it on, do not use your fingernails and do not pull too hard. Put your arms and legs in gradually.

*see our fitting advice for wetsuits!


Chest and legs: 4 mm GLIDE SKIN neoprene / 5 mm panels over the chest and abdomen

Arms: 2 mm GLIDE SKIN neoprene

GBS seams: glued and stitched (waterproof)

Why is it so difficult to get into a wetsuit?

Getting into a neoprene wetsuit may seem like mission impossible, especially for those who are inexperienced with such a task. Neoprene wetsuits need to have a tight fit, as this is what prevents water from getting in. If the wetsuit is too big, swimmers will be more exposed to the cold, as well as to skin irritation as the wetsuit will move over the course of their session.

*see our fitting advice for wetsuits!

I feel the muscular effort differently when wearing a neoprene wetsuit. Is this normal?

If you’re enjoying your first open-water sessions with a wetsuit, it's completely normal to feel it more or differently in your muscles. This is because the sleeves offer added flotation for your arms, and so you have to use “extra” strength to plunge your arm into the water. This sensation will ease off and disappear after a few sessions.



Foam: 100.0% Rubber; Lining: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Store the open-water swimming wetsuit in a dry place.



2 Years