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Cast Iron Kettlebell with Rubber Base - 16 kg

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Combine cardio, strength training and power WODs with this 16 kg kettlebell that allows you to do a very well-rounded workout!



Offers a complete workout. Combine muscle strengthening and cardio training!

Ergonomic grip

Wide, practical handle for gripping with 1 or 2 hands depending on the exercise.


Flattened underside to stop the kettlebell rolling


Ultra-durable rubber base, protects floors against knocks.


Let the Freeletics app coach you towards your goals.


Dimensions of the kettlebell

Dimensions of the 16 kg kettlebell:

- Diameter of the handle:36 mm

- Width: 222 mm

- Height: 252 mm

- Depth: 172 mm

Why use a kettlebell when training?

The versatility of kettlebells allows you to engage several muscle groups at once, making it an essential tool for an effective, well-rounded workout. With its wide range of exercises, you can customise your workout to fit your goals.

Whether you're going for strength training, weight loss, improving endurance or athletic performance, this kettlebell is made for you!

Why does the kettlebell have a rubber base?

The rubber coating on this kettlebell makes it perfectly adapted for absorbing impacts and protecting your floors from scratching.

Beware of dropping the kettlebell

To safely drop your 24 kg kettlebell, we recommend using it with a rubber slab (ref: 8651539).

How to store your kettlebell

Underneath the rubber layer is cast iron, which can be damaged in the presence of moisture. We recommend storing your kettlebell indoors in a dry place, on a rubber slab (ref: 8651539), to protect your floors.

Use a damp cloth or microfibre cloth to look after your kettlebell.

Why is the Freeletics app recommended?

Discover Europe's leading fitness application, Freeletics, your personal coach in your pocket. Thanks to AI and sports expertise, access thousands of personalised workouts to maximise your results. Add equipment, track your progress and join a motivating community. Take advantage today to achieve your goals with flexibility and personalisation.

Our trainer's advice for improving your training

Depending on your level, adjust the number of reps, the recovery time between rounds, the running distance, and the number of rounds. Don't hesitate to use heavier or lighter kettlebells depending on your level, to challenge yourself safely.



Frame: 100.0% Iron; Protection cover: 20.0% Isoprene Rubber, 80.0% Dry Rubber; Elastic band: 100.0% Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Do not store directly on the ground, but choose a protective mat to prevent damage to your floor.


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Our KETTLEBELLS have been developed, tested and approved in collaboration with fitness coaches in a professional environment.


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Our kettlebells have been developed, tested and approved in collaboration with fitness coaches in a professional environment.