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Adult's Inflatable Life Jacket LJ 150N AIR - Black

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This life vest, designed by our team of experienced sailors, will allow you to sail safely on a yacht and during fishing trips!


Easy dressing

Goes on over the head in a single movement. Durable plastic buckle fastening.

Freedom of movement

Lightweight and compact. Ergonomic cut to keep the arms and shoulders free.


ISO 12402-3 standard. Bright yellow bladder, 300 cm² reflective strip.


Standard ISO 12402-3, 150 Newtons. UML salt bobbin automatic inflation.


What body type is this jacket suitable for?

Designed for sailors who weigh between 40 and 130 kg with a waist circumference of 60 to 130 cm.

How does the automatic trigger system work?

When dropped in water, the salt bobbin dissolves instantly, piercing the canister of compressed CO₂ and inflating the bladder in less than five seconds.

To re-arm the jacket:

- Deflate it using the back of the oral inflation tube cap.

- Fold the bladder and close the textile cover.

Change the cartridge and the salt bobbin following the instructions for the re-arming kit: 8303768

Checking your jacket before sailing1/2

- CO² cartridge: check that it has not been perforated, there are no signs of corrosion, and it is firmly screwed in

- Trigger (black): firmly screwed in, has not expired, the green cap is present

- the perforating mechanism (yellow): the green seal (green triangle) is present, indicating that the jacket has not been triggered.

- The jacket: Complete and with no signs of wear (tears, fraying), inflatable bladder stored away in its bag.

Checking your jacket before sailing2/2

In addition, regularly (at least once a year):

- Inflate the life jacket using the mouthpiece and leave inflated for 24 hours: the pressure of the life jacket must not drop

- Check the expiry date of the trigger

How to re-arm your jacket

Be careful to install in the correct order:

1. Remove the CO² bobbin and the salt bobbin

2. Replace the salt bobbin

3. Replacing the CO² cartridge

If you do not follow this order of installation, there is a risk of striking the new cartridge if the trigger system for the salt bobbin has been previously used.

When to replace the gas cartridge and the trigger (salt bobbin)

The dates shown on the CO² cartridge and the salt bobbin have different meanings:

- Salt bobbin = expiry date in the following format: 05 2025 (May 2025). The bobbin must be replaced after this date.

- CO² cartridge = date of manufacture, in the format 05 2021 (manufactured in May 2021): The cartridge must be replaced 5 years after this date.

Storage conditions

The trigger uses a UML salt bobbin that is water- and humidity-sensitive.

Storing it in a humid, poorly ventilated and/or warm place can cause condensation, triggering it.

To avoid untimely triggering, we recommend making sure that the jacket is dry (inside and outside) before storing it in a well-ventilated place.

Storing it in a humid, poorly ventilated and/or warm place can cause condensation, triggering it.



Inner fabric: 100.0% Polyamide; Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Hand wash Hand wash
Do not bleach Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry Do not tumble dry
Do not iron Do not iron
Do not dry-clean Do not dry-clean

Storage tips

To avoid unexpected inflation during storage, unscrew the gas cylinder and the inflation system; store in a dry place away from sunlight.

Restrictions on use

Not suitable for professional use. <br /> Weight: from 40 to 130 kg


Test product

Laboratory tested and approved according to the ISO 12402-3 standard


2 Years