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Comfortable XL cover for picnicking and camping - 210 x 170 cm

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Our designers have created this XL blanket to comfortably insulate you from the ground during your picnic, a break from walking or on your campsite.


Compact design

Extremely compact once folded | Volume: 6.5 L | Diameter: 15 cm | Length: 36 cm

Water repellent

The 2 water-repellent polyester surfaces protect from moisture

Easy transport

Carry handle | Tightening straps | Lightweight 1.4 kg

Easy maintenance

Easy machine washing, follow the care instructions

Easy opening / closing

Rolls up easily (folding instructions included) Secured with 2 tightening straps

Abrasion resistance

Durable, abrasion-resistant components and assemblies | 2-year warranty

User comfort

Plenty of space for 6 people Dimensions: 210 x 170 cm Water-repellent underside


Your comfort above all

We devote particular attention to designing products that are comfortable.

In order to keep you comfortable and well-insulated from the ground as well as any dampness and unevenness in the terrain, this plaid is made of multiple components.

Tested for optimal durability

To ensure the durability of the plaid, laboratory tests are conducted on the components and assemblies to replicate the ageing of the plaid.

For example, for a fabric, we test the resistance to abrasion and tearing, the colour fastness when exposed to UV light and washing, and the waterproofing.

We use these tests to guarantee the plaids for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase on the receipt.



Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester; Padding: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Hand wash Hand wash
Do not bleach Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry Do not tumble dry
Do not iron Do not iron

Storage tips

We recommend you wash and dry your rug before storing it away. It's best to place it in a clean, dry place.

Restrictions on use

Caution: do not expose to flames!


Test product

Abrasion resistance is tested in our laboratories according to the Martindale test. During this test, the component is subjected to rubbing cycles with an abrasive. The test stops when a hole appears or when 100,000 cycles are reached. Our rug reached 100,000 cycles.


2 Years

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To meet your requirements, Quechua products are tested out in the heart of nature in the type of conditions you may encounter during your hikes. Our teams, as well as a tester panel (made up of partners, ambassadors and customers), test products throughout their development until they go to market.