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PW 540 Flex-H+ Women's Fitness Walking Shoes - Khaki/Pink

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Alix, a product engineer, developed this shoe for your regular fitness walking outings.


Foot motion

The heel's Heel Roll geometry stabilises the contact of the foot with the ground


Lightweight for enjoyable fitness walking: 255g in size 5½.

Freedom of movement

Its stretch mesh and elasticated sole conform to the demands of your feet.

Energy return

The sole geometry and components of the sole provide greater energy response.

Fitting comfort

Thanks to the construction, fabric and flexible sole, they are very comfortable


Its ventilated mesh allows the foot to breathe when fitness walking.


Its elasticated Flex-H+ sole and flex grooves provide optimal flexibility.


Why is it important to choose special shoes for fitness walking?

Each sport has its shoe! In fitness walking, the foot rolls through completely from the heel strike to the push-off with the forefoot, during which the foot flexes significantly. Fitness walking shoes must be extremely flexible to move perfectly with your foot. That's why Newfeel has made flexibility their top priority!

What is Flex-H+ technology?

The Flex-H+ technology combines the extreme flexibility of the Flex-H sole with the propulsion needed for quick accelerations thanks to its two-material EVA sole.

What is the Heel Roll concept?

The Heel Roll concept is the special geometry of the sole where the rear external part of the heel is raised and rounded.

Studies conducted by the Decathlon SportsLab showed that in fitness walking, when the foot hits the ground, it tilts from the back to the front and from the outside to the inside.

Our design team created the Heel Roll geometry to naturally guide and stabilise this movement.

Removable insole.

Removable insole for quick drying. They can also be replaced by orthopaedic insoles.

A shoe that has been improved thanks to your reviews.

Who knows your own needs better than yourself?

Your feedback and product reviews help us to understand you better and to continuously improve our products so that they meet your needs.

The PW 540 Comfort replaced the Soft 540 to provide more comfort at the heel and more grip under the sole.

A shoe that is 100% feminine

Designing walking shoes is good. But designing shoes that are adapted to women's feet is better. Using laboratory and field studies, we have studied the different shapes and needs of women's feet.

Gradually, you will find shoes specially designed for female walkers.



Outer sole of: 80.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, 20.0% Latex Rubber; Upper of: 100.0% Polyester; Lining and sock of: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

The Newfeel team recommends storing your shoes in a dry, dark and well-ventilated place.


Test product

Our testing engineers, Marine and Léo have all our products tested by a representative sample of walker-athletes in the field. All our products also undergo laboratory tests for complete validation prior to being put on the market.


2 Years