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Trekking Grip Hybrid Bike Tyre 24x1.75

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  • Trekking Grip Hybrid Bike Tyre 24x1.75
  • Trekking Grip Hybrid Bike Tyre 24x1.75
  • Trekking Grip Hybrid Bike Tyre 24x1.75
Color: BLACK
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This tyre is designed for hybrid bikes with 24" wheels. Ride comfortably on both roads and trails.



For 24" inner tubes and wheels.

Puncture resistance

22 TPI carcass for a sturdy tyre and a comfortable ride.


750 g. Stiff bead.


Low rolling resistance provided by micro knobs along the central tread.


Designed for dry, rolling trails.



How to measure tyre wear

To measure the wear on your tyres and to know when they need replacing, you need to inspect the tread. The tread comes into direct contact with the ground you are cycling on and therefore determines your tyre's performance.

A tyre needs to be replaced when the centre knobs are worn down to the same height as the side knobs.

How to remove a tyre

To remove your tyre, deflate the inner tube until no more air comes out.

Once deflated, use a tyre lever to remove the tyre from the rim.

How to fit a tyre

Make sure the arrow on the sidewall is pointing in the direction of travel.

To put your tyre back on, place the bead (the rigid part that determines the shape of your tyre) on the rim.

Once you have done this, inflate your inner tube by approximately 30% before fitting it to the rim (inflating it beforehand reduces the risk of pinching the inner tube).

Next, fit the second bead to the rim, starting at the opposite side to the valve.

How to inflate your tyre correctly

Inflate your tyre carefully. The recommended pressure is indicated on the side of your tyre as well as on its product sheet (available online).

Also, before each outing, make sure that your tyres are at the correct pressure for your ride.

Tip from the pros

When inflating your tyre, make sure you inflate it to the suitable pressure for the terrain you will be riding on and, above all, the weather conditions you will be riding in.

When riding in rainy weather, lower the tyre pressure to increase the tyre's grip.

On the other hand, you can increase the pressure when riding in dry weather.



Membrane: 50.0% Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber, 50.0% Latex Rubber

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

This is a stiff bead tyre; avoid folding it as doing so can damage it. Store it in its original shape.

Restrictions on use

Inflate to the recommended tyre pressure printed on the sidewall


Test product

At B'Twin we design the tyres of tomorrow. Our R&D engineers design our tyres at our international headquarters in Lille, France. This expertise is highlighted on our range of B'Twin tyres with the label "Designed in France".


2 Years

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The Wheel Energy laboratory, certified and recognised by the leading global brands, measures several different criteria: grip, cushioning, resistance to wear, longevity, performance, etc.