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Waterproof Backpack 20L - Black

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Our team of fellow paddlers designed this 20L waterproof backpack to keep your belongings dry during water sports.



20L usable capacity to hold small belongings and spare clothes


PU coated & TPU laminated polyester material.


Easy to attach to an SUP or a kayak thanks to its attachment straps.

Carrying comfort

Ergonomic, adjustable, thick foam-padded shoulder straps.


Resistant to splashes, spray and brief immersion.


1 inner A4 pocket and a small zipped pocket for a wallet.


Precautions for electronic devices

Electronic devices are fragile and valuable. We recommend doubling up their protection by putting phones in waterproof pouches inside dry bags. Cameras can be put in a small dry bag (5L or 10L) placed inside a large dry bag (20L, 30L, 40L, 60L).

Ensure your bags are closed and check water resistance regularly before your session using a paper towel.

Fastening system

To ensure good water resistance:


/ roll the top of the bag over carefully 5 times, folding tightly over the width of the strap

2/ fasten the central buckle 3/ fasten the side buckles

Leave some air in the bag. The bag should appear inflated once closed: this makes it more watertight and allows it to float if dropped in the water.

Attachment on a stand up paddle or a kayak

The 2 compression straps on the body of the bag can be used to attach the backpack to an SUP or a kayak equipped with fastening loops, enabling you to carry your belongings into the water and protect them.

Technical dimensions

Waterproof capacity when closed: 20 litres

Height: 45 cm

Width: 30 cm

Thickness: 20 cm

Weight: 726 g



Main fabric: 40.0% Thermoplastic Polyurethane, 60.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Hand wash Hand wash
Do not bleach Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry Do not tumble dry
Do not iron Do not iron
Do not dry-clean Do not dry-clean

Storage tips

Rinse with clean water and dry the product before storing for long periods to keep the materials in good condition.

Restrictions on use

Not suitable for canyoning or snorkelling (long immersion).


Test product

WATER RESISTANCE TESTS: TEST 1: "PUDDLE OF WATER" The bag is resistant to shallow immersion for 8 hours in 10 cm of water. This test corresponds to a bag floating in a water-filled boat or to a brief fall into the water. TEST 2: "SHOWER" The bag is resistant to a shower of 450 L/m²/h lasting 4 hours. This test corresponds to heavy rains or splashes from waves.


2 Years