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Adult Right/Left Knee Brace for Ligament Support R500 - Black

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Color: BLACK
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Strong 500 knee support designed for getting back into sport after a light sprain or chronic knee ligament instability.


Joint support

Knee support provided by a blocked knit, boning and a tightening strap.


Tightening strap keeps the product in place while practising a sport.

User comfort

Comfortable compression knit shaped to fit your knee.


Why wear this knee support?

Wearing knee support can be recommended if you experience ligament instability, chronic instability or anxiety about taking up a sport after a light sprain (stretching without tearing).

It reduces any knee ligament weakness observed during an anterior drawer test.

The blocked knit provides effective support to the knee without the need for elastic straps, that can be uncomfortable, especially around the hollow of the knee.

What is a sprain?

A sprained knee is when you stretch or tear one or more ligaments in your knee: the medial collateral ligament (MCL), fibular collateral ligament (LCL), the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and the posterior cruciate ligament (PCL). Sprains are not a serious problem when the ligaments are just stretched. They become fairly serious when there is a partial rupture of one or more ligaments. Serious sprains indicate a complete rupture of ligaments.

Which size of knee support do you need?

Measure around your leg, 8 cm above your kneecap. Then match the measurement taken with the following size chart:

Size 1: 36 - 39 cm

Size 2: 39 - 43 cm

Size 3: 43 - 47 cm

Size 4: 47 - 51 cm

Why protect your knees?

The knee is an important joint that is used heavily for sports activities. It absorbs impacts and stabilises you as well as withstanding huge stresses, particularly when running, jumping, landing and changing direction.Falling over when skiing is also particularly risky for your knees.

Did you know that all TARMAK products are field tested?

The TARMAK design team is based in the North of France. It is constantly seeking to improve its products to best meet players' needs. 100% of models are tested in real life by demanding athletes for several weeks and evolve thanks to your reviews.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Storage in a clean and dry place away from light.<br /> Put the adhesive parts on the elastic band to protect the knit from premature wear.

Restrictions on use

Medical device.See instructions. Contains latex.


Test product

This product has undergone laboratory tests (anterior drawer test, washing, colour fastness, wear) to ensure that it meets our quality requirements.


2 Years