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Discovery 300 American Pool Cue, 1-Part - 122 cm (48")

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Our team of enthusiasts recommends this pool cue for discovering pool and learning to play.

Are you playing your first games of pool? Make your big debut with this one piece pool cue!

Cue: 100.0% Wood - Soft; Bumper: 100.0% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber; Ferrulle: 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; Tip: 100.0% Leather


Easy assembly / dismantling

No assembly required, your billiards cue is one piece.

Easy transport

As a single piece, it's easier to carry than a jointed cue.


Start playing with precision thanks to its adapted weight and 13 mm tip.


Made from softwood. 2.5 cm plastic ferrule.No joint = durability.


This pool cue was not designed to hold an extender.


Billiards cue weight

Your billiards cue weighs about 400 g (13 oz) in the 122 cm version, or 540 g (19 oz) in the 145 cm version, with a margin of 10%.Because the cues are wooden, their weight cannot be absolutely guaranteed: the density of wood fibres, even within the same species, varies from one forest to another. even wood from the same tree can vary widely depending on sun exposure and the part of the tree used (trunk, crown, tree top).

When getting started, you should opt for a heavier cue.

Cue dimensions

Your pool cue comes in two lengths: 122 cm (48 inches (1 inch = 2.54 cm)) or 145 cm (57 inches).

The 122 cm version makes it easier to play in cramped spaces. This size is also suitable for shorter players, as the top of the cue should ideally be shoulder height.

Why can't we guarantee the straightness of our billiards cues?

All of our billiards cues are handmade. Straightness is checked individually, cue by cue, as they leave the factory. Nevertheless, cues are made from wood and changes in temperature and humidity during the transportation, storage and selling stages can make it difficult to meet your need for straightness. This problem affects all billiards cues on the market, at least all wooden cues (maple, ash, poplar, ramin).

Why yellow poplar?

Poplar is a popular timber species. Often used for indoor furniture because of its technical features and accessibility, poplar has the advantage of drying quickly without warping. It has the added advantage of being naturally straight: poplars grow straight. This makes it the perfect choice for billiards cues, which must be as straight as possible.

How to maintain your billiards cue

Our team recommends storing your billiards cue away from humidity and temperature changes.

Do not lean your cue against a wall after finishing a game as this could cause warping. Instead, store it flat in a storage cover or case. On the other hand, you can also store your cue as vertically as possible, in a cue rack for example. This will safeguard its straightness and prevent warping.

DID YOU KNOW?You need to maintain the tip of your pool cue.

Your cue, and especially your tip, will wear out due to repeated impacts with the cue ball. Other than this compressive wear, abrasion can also wear out the tip (chalk is a powerful abrasive that affects the leather tip).

Hence the need to regularly replace your tip. It's very easy to replace:

1/ Remove the damaged tip

2/ Sand the new tip

3/ Glue on the new tip

4/ Work the tip

5/ Start playing!

Why opt for a one piece cue?

Opt for simplicity and speed with this one piece cue. It requires no assembly and is ready to play at any time!

Without a joint at the halfway or three-quarter point, a one piece billiards cue is more durable and straighter than a jointed cue. The straightness of a cue depends on two factors: the shaft's continued straightness over time and the proper alignment of the butt and shaft at the joint.

Tip from the team: the right way to hold your billiards cue

When getting started, it's important to hold your cue properly. A good grip provides better accuracy and helps you hit successful shots. Nicolas Henric, coach for France Blackball teams, and Maeva Brionne, an international player, explain how to properly hold your billiards cue so that you can be more accurate and efficient while playing

Picking a cue stick

Under the umbrella term of billiards hides a whole range of cue sports: pool, English billiards, French billiards, snooker and so many others!

Each sport has its own rules and atmosphere...But also a specific cue for different sizes of balls.

Choosing the right billiards cue starts with knowing which sport you want to play!

Here are the tip sizes generally used:

> pool: 13 mm

> French billiards: 11-12 mm

> snooker: 9-10 mm

> blackball: 8-9 mm



Cue: 100.0% Wood - Soft; Bumper: 100.0% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber; Ferrulle: 100.0% Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene; Tip: 100.0% Leather

Tips for storage and maintenance

Storage tips

Your cue is made of wood: to prevent it from losing its shape, we recommend storing it horizontally out of direct sunlight, humidity, and temperature changes :)



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Corentin, Manon and Denis, members of the Pongori team and gold, silver and bronze in French billiards.