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Women's Surfing Shorty Wetsuit 100 Neoprene 1,5 mm Black

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As female surfers of all levels, we designed this shorty for beginner surfers surfing in foam.


Easy dressing

the back zip makes changing in and out of it easy


How to choose the right wetsuit (Part 1)

The first selection criterion when choosing a surfing wetsuit is the water temperature.

Water temperature varies according to the location and the time of the year.

Systematically make sure that the water temperature at your spot corresponds to the recommended temperature range:

Water warmer than 20°C.

Water between 17 and 22°C.

Water between 12 and 17°C.

Water between 7 and 12°C.

Visit the site seatemperature.org to find out the temperature of your spot.

How to choose the right wetsuit (Part 2)

The 2nd criterion to take into account is the length of your sessions. If your sessions last less than an hour, the 100 models will be suitable. For up to 2 hours, opt for the 500 models and for up to 3 hours, the 900 models. Compared to the 100 models, the 500 models will be warmer and more efficient at reducing fatigue (more freedom of movement) and irritation. The same is true for the 900 models compared with the 500 models. NOTE: the 900 models are easier to put on.

Choose the right size

To make the most of the features of your wetsuit, it is necessary to choose the correct size. A surfing wetsuit should be a very tight fit and there should be no visible folds. When dry, it is perfectly normal to feel like it is too tight, this discomfort disappears as soon as the wetsuit gets wet.

Multi-water sports wetsuits

Our wetsuits are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding surfers. Our design choices also make them compatible with other watersports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, sea wading or SUP (stand up paddle).


Our zips and fastenings are laboratory tested in order to ensure an optimal lifespan and good resistance to salt water. We have put the zip at the back of the wetsuit for more comfort during surf sports (when lying down to paddle).

An outfit for every temperature range

When we are in the water, we lose more than half of our body heat through our extremities (feet, hands, head).

Consequently, here are the recommended accessories:

- In water (>17°C) => low neoprene shoes.

- in cold water (12 - 17°C): High booties (boots) and gloves.

- In very cold water from 7-12°C: High booties (boots), gloves, hood and hooded top.


Based in Hendaye, in South West France, our offices are right on the water's edge! We can design a shorty in a day, then test it directly in the sea to check how it holds up in the waves.


In order to prolong the life of your wetsuit, Decathlon is committed to ensuring that all Neoprene wetsuits are repairable and in perfect condition after repair!



Foam: 100.0% Foamed Styrene Butadiene Rubber; Main fabric: 100.0% Polyester

Tips for storage and maintenance

Hand wash Hand wash
Do not bleach Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry Do not tumble dry
Do not iron Do not iron
Do not dry-clean Do not dry-clean

Storage tips

In a dry, well-ventilated place. Avoid heat sources. To extend the life of your top, do not leave it out to dry in direct sunlight. Machine washing is not recommended.

Restrictions on use

Designed for water between 20 and 25°C. Session length up to 1h.


Test product

Developed and tested by our design teams in Hendaye, France. The components used for this product are laboratory-tested to ensure the best possible quality and durability.


2 Years