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Kids' 3x2 Skating Scooter Skateboard Protectors Set Play - Black

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A set of protective gear designed for your child's first gliding experience. Comfort and safety for starting skating, scootering or skateboarding.



Elasticated rip-tabs making it easy to adjust the size.

Impact protection

The plastic shells and foam pads protect your child.

User comfort

Stretchy Lycra fabric for a snug fit.


How to wear the wrist guards

Wear the wrist protector with the plastic shell over the palm of your hand. There are right (R) and left (L) markers on each wrist guard. So skating will help your child learn their left and right!

Which protection size should you choose?

Kids all grow at their own pace. This is why our size guide is based on your child's age and weight:

XXS: kids aged 3 to 7, or less than 25 kg

XS: kids aged 6 to 10, or 25 to 35 kg

S: kids aged 9 to 15, or less than 50 kg

And just to make sure, why not try the products out in one of our stores?

Choosing your protective gear size

WARNING: the measurements are given for information purposes only, and for use directly against the skin. If you wear protective gear over clothing (not on your skin), you should choose the larger size.

What is the EN 14120 standard?

This European standard sets out requirements and testing methods for ergonomics, safety, comfort, fit, durability, abrasion and impact performance for wrist, palm, knee and elbow protectors for all users of roller sports equipment. The safety and comfort of novice riders is our main concern, so it's right up our street!



Shell: 5.0% Polypropylene, 95.0% Polyethylene; Main fabric: 15.0% Polypropylene, 75.0% Polyester, 10.0% Polyamide; Foam: 100.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Tips for storage and maintenance

Hand wash Hand wash
Do not bleach Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry Do not tumble dry
Do not iron Do not iron
Do not dry-clean Do not dry-clean

Restrictions on use

Not for hockey, aggressive or skatepark use. Max weight: 50 kg.



2 Years