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Domyos 100, Fitness Cardio Training Pants, Women's

19,00 €
Συμπεριλαμβανομένου ΦΠΑ
Χρώμα: ΜΑΥΡΟ‎
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Our teams created these bottoms for those starting or getting back into fitness!


Απομάκρυνση ιδρώτα

Breathable, quick-drying fabric keeps you dry.


The fabrics used are very light to make your clothing more comfortable.


The stretch fabric provides greater comfort and ease of movement.


Pockets, including a zip pocket for storing your keys, tissues and card.


Fabric designed to remain opaque, whatever your movements.


Carrot cut

These bottoms highlight your figure with a stylish carrot cut.


The elasticated waist and drawstring offer a perfect fit.

Insert at the bottom of the leg

Soft, stretchy insert at the bottom of the leg to wear over the calf.

Are products tested before being sold?

Of course! All our fabrics must successfully pass rigorous lab tests to ensure your comfort and safety. We test them for colorfastness, resistance to repeated washing, perspiration wicking and more - we call these our "torture tests." And after that? Is that it? No, there's more. We then have sports users put our products through the ringer. We listen to and analyze their feedback to fix what needs to be improved. Only then is your sports clothing ready!

A rating to compare the environmental impact of products

A product's environmental impact is calculated for its entire lifecycle using various indicators. An overall rating (ABCDE) is given, allowing you to easily identify products with the best environmental performance by comparing similar products to each other (T-shirts, pants, backpacks etc.).

Decathlon openly displays the environmental ratings of its products. Find out more:

Tips for storage and maintenance

Μέγιστη θερμοκρασία πλύσης 30°C. - Κανονική θεραπεία. Μέγιστη θερμοκρασία πλύσης 30°C. - Κανονική θεραπεία.
Εξαιρείται η λεύκανση. Εξαιρείται η λεύκανση.
Μην στεγνώνετε στο στεγνωτήριο. Μην στεγνώνετε στο στεγνωτήριο.
Μην σιδερώνετε. Μην σιδερώνετε.
Μην καθαρίζετε στεγνά. Μην καθαρίζετε στεγνά.


Test product

This garment has undergone washing and drying tests to ensure that it retains its shape and color. These tests are regularly performed by an independent laboratory and allow us to ensure that our quality standards are always upheld.


2 Years