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T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
T900B Treadmill



T900B Treadmill

18 Reviews
10 users out of 18 are recommending this product
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
  • T900B Treadmill
T900B Treadmill
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Our passionate cardio fitness designers developed this treadmill for keeping up your cardio fitness up to 5 hours per week.

The T900 treadmill is designed for regular, high-intensity running. It's the perfect ally for runners looking to improve results through indoor training sessions.



Maximum speed of 18km/h and incline up to 10%.

User comfort

Running surface of 50cm wide by 143cm long, perfect for long strides


32 workouts with pre-set goals that adjust according to your skill level


Treadmill compatible with the Domyos E connected and Kinomap apps

Compact design

Fold-up treadmill

Assembly time

Takes 45 minutes for 2 people to set up




Running on a treadmill lets you easily integrate training into your everyday activities.
From weather to pollution and family life, overcome the obstacles that get in your way and reach your goals more easily!


The console is the most important component on your treadmill. At Domyos, we've worked hard to make it intuitive and informative.
The back-lit screen gives you a range of stats: time, distance, speed, average speed, calories burnt, bpm and a snapshot of your current run.
Eight speed and incline shortcuts make it fast and easy to start your run and are perfect for when you want a workout that changes up your pace.


The T900 treadmill console offers various features to help you get the most out of every run:
- Side speakers and a 3.5 mm cable jack to plug in your devices
- Central fan
- Bluetooth sensor to connect your treadmill to the Domyos Econnected app
- USB port to charge your phone
- Tablet holder
- Two side pockets


There are 32 workouts created by a Domyos coach that have been pre-set into the console based on four goals: Health and wellness, calorie loss, endurance and interval training.
Each workout has a specific profile, duration, speed and incline so you can reach your goals and switch up your training.
You can change the intensity at any time to suit your fitness level.


Get motivated, reach your goals, or just have fun by connecting your device to the compatible apps Econnected or Kinomap.
With E-connected, you can set a weekly time, distance, or calorie goal: your performance is recorded and you can track your stats.
With Kinomap, travel over real scenery in total synchronisation with your device. At your own pace or in challenge mode, alone or with the Kinomap community, you can have a unique experience.


The T900 treadmill comes with a heart rate monitor belt to constantly track your heart rate, as well as manual sensors to estimate your current heart rate at any time during your workout.
If you're just starting a physical activity, or if you wear a pacemaker, remember to consult your doctor.
A professional trainer can also help you determine the appropriate heart rate ranges so you can reach your fitness goals faster.


The T900's motor power is 1.5 continuous-duty HP and 1305 watts.
Its average energy consumption is 370 Watts (for a user weighing 90kg and running at a speed of 8 km/h)


The cushioning system on the T900 treadmill has been designed to give you good thrust and bounce while also ensuring optimum comfort.
Running on a treadmill helps reduce impacts and is easier on the body.


Silence is an essential criterion that we carefully consider when developing our products. We strive to reduce the noise our treadmills make so they are more enjoyable for both users and those around them.
The T900 treadmill was measured at 52 dB at 10 km/h without a user. It is one of the quietest treadmills in our DOMYOS range!


The T900 treadmill folds up to save space when not in use. When folded, you need just 133 x 88 cm of floor space.
To extend the life of your treadmill, store it in a dry place where it won't get dusty.
The treadmill has two roller wheels so you can move it around easily.


Size in use: L 185 x W 88 x H 147 cm
Folded dimensions: L 133 x W 88 x H 150 cm
Treadmill weight: 89kg

Boxed dimensions: L 197 x W 77 x H 28cm
Box weight: 98 kg


Visit our support website to:
- Find out about the warranty on your product
- Mount, adjust or use your product
- Resolve a technical issue
- Download the instructions manual for your treadmill.


3.1/5 18 reviews
10 users out of 18 are recommending this product
Product review
Olivier (Singapore) using this product since 2 to 8 weeks Confirmed purchase What does « Confirmed purchase » means ?

A review with the indication « Confirmed purchase » from Decathlon signifies that the the user that posted the review, has purchased the product in one of our stores.

We can confirm all the purchases and reviews we collect from custoer requests done by email or throughout reviews that have been posted on your personal account.

However, a review that doesn't bare the indication « Confirmed purchase », doesn't mean necessarily that the purchase wasn't made in one of our stores, it could also mean that we simply cannot confirm that the user which posted the review is the same person that has made the purchase. It's possible, that the product was offered as a gift to the user from another person that made the purchase.

The indication « Confirmed purchase » is just here to help you judge the veracity of the review.
Good value for the money and for intermediate joggers
Faulty ..... and awful customer experience
DUNCAN (United Kingdom) using this product since 2 to 8 weeks
I actually thought the treadmill wasnt so bad while using, despite it breaking (there was a speed issue when this was changed that they couldn't resolve and couldn't arrange a timely repair) but while I used it I thought it was ok. The width of running area in particular is very good. Like others before, mine too arrived with no UK plug (come on Decathlon, this shouldn't be happening given the number of reviews stating this!). My major issue was the horrific customer service I have received. The email exchanges were in excess of 50 and it took a huge effort to sort both the return and the refund. The advisers responding to emails clearly neither read the history of emails, nor understand consumer rights. This was only resolved with immense persistence and a wife who has expertise in consumer law.
2 months in and it's creaking badly
JOHN (United Kingdom) using this product since 2 to 8 weeks
Quite concerned by a creaking noise coming from front right (in motor section). Did not expect to start having issues so early. I've only used the thing about 12 times.
Great Treadmill, terrible service
Ben (United Kingdom) using this product since 2 to 8 weeks
Bought treadmill and paid £20 for delivery, upon delivery the two delivery men were an hour late after ringing me earlier in the day to say they are 15 minutes away and then when they got here they didn't even help me get the treadmill into my house, I had to call my dad to help me. Then only 1 of the speakers work on the treadmill and there is also a small hole in the belt of the treadmill.
Broken after 4 months and no customer service
Ian (United Kingdom) using this product since 3 to 6 months
Treadmill looked like a decent product and at first looked to do all we needed it too. We have had for 4 months and it’s already broken and completely unusable. I’ve been waiting 2 weeks
For a reply from customer service to fix but I’ve been completely ignored.
Received as a replacement set but it didn't last
WF (Singapore) using this product since 3 to 6 months
This treadmill was given to me as a replacement set after my first treadmill gave me problems (motor was making really loud and weird noises). Less than 6 months in, this replacement set was also giving me problems, again regarding the motor. The bad thing is that there's no maintenance services available, all Decathlon does is give you a replacement set (if your warranty is still valid) and you have to fix it up yourself. Definitely will buy from other reputable brands with good after-sales service.

Hi WF,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are sorry that your experience was not an amazing one with our T900C Treadmill . At Decathlon, we strive to provide the best experience we can for our customers both in store and online.

We take our customer's feedback very seriously,we will look into this matter and bring it up to the department in charge.

Please let us know more of your concerns or suggestions that you might have so that we can make your experience a better one.



Stay Happy Always,

Sports Leader, Welcome Desk

Decathlon Singapore

Looks great, issue with collection and parts
Matt (United Kingdom) using this product since 1 week or less
A great looking treadmill but the box dimensions on the website is wrong, it says 157cm long but in fact it’s 2m which means when went for it, it wouldn’t fit in my car so had to pay for a van.
Also only came with a European plug and no 3 pin plug so can’t use yet.
Not compAtible with Zwift
J (United Kingdom) using this product since 1 week or less
Poor that doesn’t work with Zwift
the display shows 'SERVICE'?
NUR SYHUHADA (Malaysia) using this product since More than 2 years
been having this for about 3 years now and just now the display shows 'SERVICE' at the end of my workout...this means that it's time for service, right? who should i contact? or is it something i need to do myself?
5 hour a week
Donna (United Kingdom) using this product since 1 week or less
Please can you advise why there is a 5 hour a week restriction? If you use it longer does this damage the machine?
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