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Adult Horseback Riding Boots Sentier 900

95,00 €
Συμπεριλαμβανομένου του φόρου
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Our horseback riding designers developed these boots for advanced riders! They're perfect for riding outside in any weather.

Our Sentier 900 horseback riding shoes are particularly durable thanks to their sewn-in sole!


Ευκολία χρήσης

2 elastics on the side make them easy to pull on and care for!


Sole has been sewn in to make these shoes more durable!


Perfect boots for rugged ground thanks to their lugged soles.

Αρχική άνεση

Thermoformed insole. Honeycombed for perspiration wicking.


Care advice

Leave to dry after use on muddy terrain, then brush with a soft brush. We recommend regularly applying a waterproofing product. Do not leave to dry near a heat source.

How to use

Very practical thanks to the elastics on the sides. The wide, lugged sole provides great protection from bad weather and mud. Designed for muddy terrain.

Tips for storage and maintenance

Μην πλένετε. Μην πλένετε.
Εξαιρείται η λεύκανση. Εξαιρείται η λεύκανση.
Μην στεγνώνετε στο στεγνωτήριο. Μην στεγνώνετε στο στεγνωτήριο.
Μην σιδερώνετε. Μην σιδερώνετε.
Μην καθαρίζετε στεγνά. Μην καθαρίζετε στεγνά.

Storage tips

Store in a dry place and do not dry near a heat source.



2 Years