Mini Boston Valve For Itiwit / EasyBoat 100 Kayaks

€ 2.00

Designed for replacing the small valve on the seat of your Itiwit or EasyBoat 100 kayak (see list of compatible models under features).

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    Size : TRUE BLACK
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Product benefits
  1. Easy assembly / dismantling
    A valve that is in good condition will prolong the enjoyment of outings.
Product feature
  1. We recommend checking with a technician to make sure this part is compatible with your equipment.
    The technicians at your Decathlon store's workshop will be happy to help you replace parts on your equipment. Feel free to ask them for help!
  2. Compatibility
    This valve is compatible with the inflatable seats of the following kayak models: - ITIWIT 1 KAYAK - ITIWIT 1 NEW KAYAK - ITIWIT 2 KAYAK - ITIWIT 2 NEW KAYAK - ITIWIT 3 KAYAK - ITIWIT 3 NEW KAYAK - EB 100 G2 NEW - FLOAT TUBE FLTB5
Product testing
  1. Storage advice
    Rinse off the kayak with fresh water and make sure that it dries completely to avoid rust or mould. Remove fins and then store deflated, flat, and out of direct sunlight.
  2. Product restrictions
    Make sure the valve is fastened tight to prevent leaks!
  3. Product information
    This valve lets you replace the small one-way valve on the seat of your kayak to prevent air from escaping, maintaining the air pressure and help keep you safe as you paddle.