Home Delivery All you need to know

Delivery promise

Decathlon offers the possibility to get your order delivered right at your door. Usually for most products you can expect your order to arrive within 6 working days, unless some items aren't available in our warehouse and display a diffent promise date on the product page. NOTE: For destinations including islands or hard to access areas, shipping can take 2 additional working days.

Shipping instructions

If you wish to have your order to be delivered at your place, select the home delivery method from the options during the checkout process. Keep in mind that if your order contains a non eligible item for shipping, this option won't be available and you will only have the choice to have your order delivered at one of our stores.

Shipping conditions

Most of our items are eligible for home delivery with few exceptions:
  • Bulky items with a weight exceeding 30 kilos
  • Large items exceeding 2 metres length
  • Hazardous items (inflamables, sharp items etc.)
Products that are not eligible for shipping will only be available with delivery at the store. These items will display a message informing you that this item is not available for home delivery.
Shipping Fees
The shipping of your orders is handled by our partner Geniki Taxydromiki. Our shipping service is covering the entire area of Greece (We do not cover shipping services abroad). Below you can find the shipping costs associated with the home delivery service. NOTE: If you choose instead to have your order delivered at one of our stores, shipping is 100% free.
Parcel weight
Shipping Fees
Up to 7kg
5.50 €
Everywhere in Greece
7kg - 14kg
10.50 €
Everywhere in Greece
Over 14kg
19.50 €
Everywhere in Greece
Additional information
1. Please note that products weighting more than 30 kg are not available for home delivery, however orders with a total weight exceeding 30 kg can be shipped if they contain only items within this weight limit. the entire area of Greece (We do not cover shipping services abroad).
2. Keep in mind that if you include an item that is not available for shipping in your cart, then the only offered shipping option will be 'delivery in store'. If you want to have some of the items shipped at your place while you want to purchase an item that is not eligible for home delivery, it is recommended to place 2 seperate orders.
3. Delivery promises displayed on our products are an estimation of the total amount of time it will take for your order to be shipped from the moment you have placed the order. However, it is recommended to place your order a little bit sooner if you need them before a specific deadline, as sometimes an unexpected delay might occur especially during holidays and festive periods.
4. If you receive a damaged or defective product upon arrival, please contact us. We are engaged to refund you the total amount and that include also the shipping fees, our motto is Satisfied or Satisfied. Please provide us with some pictures of the damages on the product and we will immediately refund or replace it. We are not refunding damages on the products that have been caused by improper use.