CH 10 0/+10 Cross-Country Ski Wax - Yellow

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    Size : 60g
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Product benefits
  1. Glide performance
    It provides good glide performance and prepares the base well.
  2. Ease of use
    Application temperature of 120°C
Product feature
  1. Why wax cross-country skis?
    Cross-country skiing is above all a sliding sport, so you must maintain the base of your skis to have the most fun on the slopes. Waxing reduces grip (suction cup effect) and improves glide, optimising the compatibility of the your base with the characteristics of the snow (air temperature, snow quality, etc.). You can maintain your skis yourself or make an appointment with a professional at a workshop.
  2. When should I wax my skis?
    When buying skis, we recommend that you prepare the base well to achieve an optimum glide. Several consecutive waxings are best in order to "nourish" the base properly. You then need to wax your skis regularly according to: how long and how often you ski; and the snow abrasion on recent excursions. Don't wait until the base turns a whitish colour to wax your skis!
  3. How do I choose a wax?
    The art of a good waxing lies in choosing the best product according to the weather conditions. How often you wax your skis will depend not only on how long and how often you ski, but also on the quality of the snow which is determined by the air temperature. Use this temperature as a reference when choosing the "colour" of your wax. Each wax "colour" corresponds to an ideal temperature of use.
  4. What is the difference between CH, LH and HF waxes?
    CH = traditional hydrocarbon waxes . Recommended: for ski maintenance and regular cross-country skiing. ---- LH and HF = new generation of more efficient waxes. They repel water by integrating fluorinated hydrophobic components LF - Lightly Fluorinated: suitable for training and long-distance excursions. HF - Highly Fluorinated: high-performance wax for racing
  5. How should I wax my skis?
    Before applying the wax, prepare the base of your ski with the bronze brush. Apply the wax evenly with the waxing iron on the sliding part (usually the :tail and tip, over the full length for skating), then remove the excess wax from the groove and on the ski by scraping the base with the plastic scraper. Finally, brush the base with the nylon brush. => See the tutorial videos on our Inovik YouTube channel
Product testing
  1. Storage advice
    At the end of the season, wax your skis before storing them, but do not scrape off the excess as this wax will protect the base over the long storage period.
  2. Product restrictions
    SWIX temperature = air temperature
  3. Product information
    CH stands for hydrocarbon, contains no fluorocarbons. These are high-performance paraffins made of 100% hydrocarbon.