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Straight Bar Ends 100mm Black
  • Straight Bar Ends 100mm Black
  • Straight Bar Ends 100mm Black
Straight Bar Ends 100mm Black



Straight Bar Ends 100mm Black

2 Reviews
1 user out of 2 is recommending this product
  • Straight Bar Ends 100mm Black
  • Straight Bar Ends 100mm Black
Straight Bar Ends 100mm Black
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Designed for a good handlebar grip.

100mm straight bar ends for better grip on the handlebars. Short, lightweight bar ends.


Ergonomic grip

Moulded caps to fit the shape of the thumb.

User comfort

Results in a more suitable riding position.




3/5 2 reviews
1 user out of 2 is recommending this product
Painful during long rides! not a good product
sudhanshu (India) using this product since 2 to 8 weeks
First of all I bought it for my Jaipur to Kanyakumari solo cycling tour from Baroda, Decathlon. They suggested me to go for this one but It wasn't an expert advise atfer all. Its very hard to hold these bars for long as they are small in size. Now what I see is they over charged me for this product. They charged me triple the actual amount ( Rs 599/- ) for this product which is unfair.
I am highly unsatisfied with this product. Not worth the price ( Rs 599 )
Highly dissapointed with the enorgonimcs & price
Hello Sudhanshu, Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. These bars help a lot when you are riding uphill. The are used to firmly grip the handle bar as we climb in a standing position on the pedals. They can also be used to relax your palms while coming downhill. However, they have no cusioning which is why you cannot rest your body weight on them for a long time. This can be done if the pading on your gloves are of a superior qulity and thickness. The price of the product may have dropped at recent times and it is not possible that the store has intentionally over charged you. You can always check the same at the store front desk the very nexttime you visit. If it is a mistake from the store they will definately give you the diferrence refund. Deepak Babu E-sport manager DECATHLON
Straight Bar Ends
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Great product, a good addition to my bike
Good product
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