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Slim Shoulder Bag - Tweed
  • Slim Shoulder Bag - Tweed
Slim Shoulder Bag - Tweed



Slim Shoulder Bag - Tweed

  • Slim Shoulder Bag - Tweed
Slim Shoulder Bag - Tweed
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The Newfeel shoulder bag, with its 2 openings: main bag (smartphone, passport, etc.) and front pocket (maps, change, etc.), for organising yourself during your travels!


Multiple compartments

Makes storage easier thanks to 1 main zipped pocket & 1 front pocket.

Anatomic design

Adapts to the right size thanks to the thin adjustable shoulder strap.


Field testing of products

All of the Newfeel backpacks and suitcases are tested by representative user-testers, under conditions that are identical to those that you could encounter on a daily basis (weather, walking time, etc.) We use these daily tests to make improvements and give you complete satisfaction when using our products.

Test conducted in the laboratory

In our laboratories, we replicate actual conditions of use in order to test the resistance of the materials, seams, assemblies and plastic parts. These tests allow us to guarantee our products for 2 years.

How is the volume of Newfeel bags and suitcases measured?

Volume is measured using a standard method: we use small balls to fill the main compartment in addition to every pocket. We then empty the balls into a graduated container which provides the equivalent volume in litres.