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In addition to offering you technical sports products, our design teams are committed to ensuring that our products are designed in a more environmentally friendly way.

At DECATHLON, our Ecodesign initiatives aim to reduce the environmental impact of our products.

From the birth of the idea to the end of life of Decathlon products, there is a whole story! At each stage of the life cycle, we can act to innovate and design sustainably.

The life cycle of a product.
These are all the phases through which a product goes through during its life.
Design differently.
Innovation, technicality, eco-design:
It is because we design our sports products that we can offer you ever more different products.
Ecodesign's approach:

Ecodesign expresses the eco-design of our products, that is to say that from their design, teams work on several aspects to minimize their environmental impact throughout their life cycle.
A product thought out (or redesigned) in this approach remains a product that fulfills the same function as a product designed in a conventional way, while also presenting an environmental advantage.

An Ecodesign running t-shirt is above all a good running t-shirt!

Products which
are designed to
to reduce the product's
environmental impact.