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Sheriff Siren
  • Sheriff Siren
Sheriff Siren



Sheriff Siren

1 Reviews
1 user out of 1 is recommending this product
  • Sheriff Siren
Sheriff Siren
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Your child will not go unnoticed with this siren! They will learn the first lessons of safety while having fun: being seen and heard!

Rings and lights up like a real police siren!To be seen and heard while riding your bike!


Ease of learning

Warning people of their presence helps children learn about safety.

Ease of use

A single press triggers 8 seconds of light and sound effects. Batteries included


Compatible with 19 mm to 22 mm diameter handlebars.

Easy assembly / dismantling

Horn can be mounted to the bike's handlebar with a screwdriver.

Bike safety

Luminous and audible alert


Is there a standard for this type of product for children?

Yes, our product meets the requirements of the EN71 standard (European Toy Standard).


4/5 1 review
1 user out of 1 is recommending this product
Good effects and sound
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Only criticism my son has, is the siren could go for a bit longer and one button to activate both light and siren
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